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Sales Incentive Programs

Dear Salespeople,

I know you need your daily dose of knowledge of information today so here I am at your service, sharing another great video that I just saw from YouTube (where else?). The topic we have in the video is about sales incentives. Does this excite you? Well, I bet it does! Who doesn’t want it? We all want it right? Companies need it too! They need it to increase staff performance. So it helps everyone, one way or another. Well, I will just let this video talk. This was uploaded by LoyalNationVideos and entitled “Sales Incentive Programs from LoyalNation”. Watch it!


Sales Incentive Programs from LoyalNation

By LoyalNationVideos


The speaker speaks about the old saying “Money doesn’t buy happiness” and he followed it up with “neither poverty”. All I can say is “hell yeah!”

Well, this is his intro to sales incentive. He said that even though we work for money, it is still not about money. It is about the passion to win. Actually sales incentives creates a healthy competition inside the company and it is great to see that everyone is doing his best to get it and to be the best and there’s nothing wrong with that. It maximizes the potential of the team all year.

The video was cut out but the information is already given. Tell us now, are you driven by sales incentive? If you are a sales manager, do you find sales incentive program helpful? Share us your thoughts!







B2B Sales Tips

Hello Salespeople!

Are you ready for a new video? Who loves video here? I, myself love watching videos, whether for entertainment purposes or for widening my knowledge. Videos are very easy tool to learn something because you can hear it and you can read it. Today, I will share with you a video about B2B Sales Tips which was uploaded by 2622robert17 3 years ago. This blog get me interested because of the title which is “B2B Sales Tips from a Bee” plus it uses bees as illustration. I think that learning B2B Sales through this video would be fun! Let us all together enjoy the video below!

B2B Sales Tips from a Bee

By Bob Riess

The voice is from Bob Riess. There are only 3 things he pointed out in the video and he explains how he came up with those ideas or conclusion. He said that the first thing to understand about B2B selling is that your potential customers only want to know few things about you and your company and these are the following:

1. How will your product/services help my company make or save money or at least make my life easier?

2. Who are your current customers?

3. What do these customers think about you and your company?

He tells his story when he was new to business and what he does doesn’t work until Jerry came into the scene and gave him some advice. Jerry suggests….

– sell short story that will convince customers that we are a successful company

– we deliver what we promise and

– we have a great product that will make a difference for them.

These suggestions help him concisely explains his company’s value and help the customer make the right decision to purchase from them.

Now, he is throwing short stories on how he helps his current customer and he does increase event registration by 85% and revenues over 30%

What I love about the video is how he explains things so simply yet very informative. What is your opinion about the video?



Business App Bootcamp: Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Dear Pals,

Are you looking for more apps for your business? Don’t be despair, if you know Bootcamp, you will learn that there are a lot of salesforce apps that you can use provided for your success like the AppExchange.

No wonder many entrepreneurs joined together to receive the great news from Business App Bootcamp meeting, because like you, they want their business to grow faster. Joining together for a common goal will make it possible. To understand what I am thinking about. Here is a post from Ashish Patel (@ashishpatel) of Salesforce (@salesforce). Hope this piece of information inspires you!

Business App Bootcamp Spotlights Massive Opportunity for Entrepreneurs


Passion. Opportunity. Innovation. These three prominent themes emerged throughout’s first-ever Business App Bootcamp, where a ‘standing room only’ crowd of more than 400 developers and entrepreneurs gathered this week to gain perspective on the business app revolution and learn how to build the next big enterprise app.

Exactly how big is this opportunity? A potential trillion dollar transfer in wealth from old-guard enterprise vendors to a new age of business app entrepreneurs, noted’s developer evangelist Adam Seligman as he kicked off the festivities, citing a recent post from ReadWrite’s Dan Lyons.

The disruptive forces driving this shift have been well-chronicled. Businesses are demanding better apps, better experiences and better value…opening the door for an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs to fill this void.

Salesforce customers are looking to the AppExchange marketplace more than ever before. Just how large is the demand? A customer now installs an AppExchange app every 40 seconds, and more than 70% of the Fortune 100 are using AppExchange apps, Seligman noted.

Entrepreneurs Wanted
With four of its top ten apps coming from companies with fewer than 25 employees, the AppExchange has been a catalyst for successful business app entrepreneurs and ISVs for more than seven years. Business App Bootcamp provided a balance of inspiring and grounded insights from entrepreneurs and investors on building successful business apps.

Marcus and design experts Charles Warren and Marcus Gosling, both IDEO alums, led a discussion on delivering a great user experience and applying the lean startup methodology to business app development. Both were candid about the importance of learning from failures and taking a data-driven approach to understanding what customers want and are willing to pay for. When asked for one key takeaway, Gosling advised entrepreneurs to “always be curious, keep thinking and testing, always ask why and never assume.”

Attendees also heard from a diverse panel of successful AppExchange partners. Operating from a basement, Bracket Labs co-founder Blakely Graham went from a napkin sketch to her first sale in four months. FinancialForce CEO Jeremy Roche scrapped initial plans to build his own platform, opting to kickstart his business as an AppExchange partner. ServiceMax’s Stacey Epstein  discussed the time-to-market value of the cloud, and how her company deployed mobile apps to service technicians within two months. Their advice to the budding entrepreneurs:

  1. If you think you have talked to your customers enough, you haven’t. You need to keep iterating the experience.
  2. The Salesforce community is a very tight. Find mentors from other app developers.
  3. Focus on user experience, not just for your product, but how you do sales, marketing and support too.

Clearing a Path For Innovation
Entrepreneurs also came to Business App Bootcamp to understand how they too can put the Salesforce Platform and the AppExchange ecosystem to work for them. Reid Carlberg’s aptly titled presentation, “The Fastest Path from Idea to App,” urged the audience to focus the new user requirements – contextual, mobile and social functionality – that deliver leverage for apps, and let the Salesforce Platform manage what is now considered tablestakes – infrastructure, reliability, extensibility and identity. AppExchange guru Leyla Seka provided five tips for being successful in the marketplace, but not before reinforcing what AppExchange entrepreneurs stand to gain for following her keys to success – business apps make an average of $395,000 per app on the AppExchange while consumer apps take home an average of $6,900 per app on Apple’s AppStore.

VC PanelBusiness App Bootcamp concluded with strong validation from leading technology venture capitalists from Andreesen-Horowitz, Emergence Capital, Foundation Capital and Sequoia Capital, who participated in a panel led by TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha. Each offered their perspectives around the re-emergence of enterprise innovation, advising entrepreneurs to stay true to their vision, keeping in mind that 1) the first to market doesn’t necessarily dictate who wins, and 2) the focus should always be on talking to potential customers (not investors) and creating solutions that alleviate business pain points and delight business users in the same ways that their consumer apps do.

As the afternoon wound down, two things were clear:

  1. Business users deserve apps that they love. Apps that are a seamless part of their jobs, that work the way they do. Apps, not applications. Not software that users ultimately have to work around to be successful.
  2. This revolution is well underway. Businesses are prepared to consider alternatives that are built on platforms they trust, and this market demand will continue to exceed supply. Business App Bootcamp’s goal was to clear a path for developers and entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity.

How is it? It is really helpful? You have now a better ideas and guidelines about the Business App Bootcamp on how it plays their role on looking for the potential customers, providing intervention to heal business sickness and working for a better enterprise innovation. Technologies are really helpful but it doesn’t mean that people must rely on this solely, because entrepreneurs become successful not just by using software but also with undying passion.


Sales Reward Programs

Hey everyone!

This day, I have a video to share. This was uploaded by Joel Cohen in YouTube which entitles Mom & Pop Marketing vs. Reward Programs. Obviously this is about the comparison of the two but what intrigues me is the Mom & Pop Marketing so I watched the video. The speaker made a very good point about sales reward programs. Many entrepreneurs didn’t use it wisely and they are just issuing reward cards to compete with their competitors without thinking if it really gives them loyal consumers. He uses a restaurant business as an example and he also explains what Mom & Pop Marketing is. So if you are as intrigued as I am, watch the video.

Mom & Pop Marketing vs. Reward Programs

By Joel Cohen

If you want to have notes about the video, don’t worry because I did it for you.

Joel questions are,  as an entrepreneur are you involve in gaining customers loyalty or just relying on loyalty reward program?

The answer to these questions helps you to examine yourself as an entrepreneur. According to him, in reality “today’s consumers probably have 5 to 6 different loyalty cards in their wallet.” They are only using it for discount purposes and not out of loyalty. The question now is how to gain loyal customers? His solution is to check your shopping habits.

Where Do You Shop & Why?
– Lowe’s vs. Home Depot?
– OfficeMax vs Staples?
– Chicago Uno vs Chili’s?
– Kroger’s or Harris Teeter?

Joel Cohen states why he chose the certain store and why it gains his loyalty. Answering these questions is another way of knowing what your customers need; it is like putting yourself on the shoe of your consumer.

He suggest that what is needed is the “Mom and Pop” Factor
> means to know your customers or to recognize them as a frequent diner and this habit often surprise them.

1. Focus on the question, “What are you going to do today that gets a customer/guest to be loyal?

2. Be visible

3. Be the face of the restaurant

4. At least remember your guests’ faces

5. Recognize and surprise a guest with a reward of kindness for their loyalty.

So now, if you are planning to have sales reward program, be sure that the client is worthy to be rewarded. Do you agree with the speaker? State your point!



TenXer: A Program That Makes You Study Your Working Habits

Hey Guys,

I love watching videos because I can easily get the idea or I can easily understand the thing that I wanted to know since it is both audio and visual. So, this is also the reason why I am sharing videos with you guys to make you easily grab the point of the topic.

This video shows the new method of studying your work habit. It is made possible by tenXer program. They are able to track your progress using their innovative tool. It serves as a wake-up call to the end user to hit his objective within time frame. You will never missed important mails as this tool will alert you once you exceed the average time in responding them. Moreover, the featured program about twitter rank position is the best to know if your number of followers falls. Since you are aware, you can do something about it before it’s too late. You will never left behind with sales competition through acquiring this productivity tool. Watch the video by building43 to understand it better.

Programmers: tenXer Lets You Study Your Work Habits in a New Way

By building43


The video is very suitable for newbie in the business. You are able to track you work efficiency with this tool. It prevents delays and makes you to be aware with important things you need to accomplish. Therefore the tenXer program is designed to develop your job accuracy and time frame to reach your goal. Now, tell me, are you going to use this tool? Why and why not?





Team Sales Improvement

Hey Folks!

I have another great video to share which was also shared by me of one of my colleagues. This is a must watch video for a businessman that adapts outsourcing. The tool for team visibility is a big help to keep your team efficiency even across the globe. It allows them also to give you updated reports and collaborate with you. Strong communication will keep their drive to work hard. They must see concern from you in participating to hit the goal. This is made possible by online communication. The outsourcing has employee perks as they are able to work at home. It is a great savings also on entrepreneur part as lots of talented contractor are available online that offers their services at reasonable cost. Here’s the video from TeamVisibility.

TeamVisibility Sales Team Performance Improvement Video (short)

By TeamVisibility


The online communication has the power to bond different races across the globe. This is very effective for work at home business. It allows the business owner to see talented contractor that offers reasonable service. This is a great savings for work force expenses. In fact, it is a two way benefit as the contractor can have job exposure online as well. Do you think what have presented can really improve your team’s performance? You are free to argue your point inside the comment box.


Until then,



Employee Recognition

Hi everyone!

Do you find it hard to motivate your team? Maybe this video can help. This video which was uploaded by GloboforceInc shows how to motivate a team and recognizing their job effort timely. Promising of rewards without action can lead to disappointments. It simply indicates a happy or satisfied employee towards the working place. Recognition should be given in right time like when he or she already hit the goal. Sometime, giving rewards can go wrong when no job has been done. They will have negative attitude like taking advantage and will not do their very best because they already have what they wanted. It is right that giving recognition must have standards to avoid comparison and jealousy among employees. It can create frustration and gossip. One wrong move will surely question your management. The issue is very usual in most companies and you might notice that a certain employee is not eager to work because he sees inequality in the surrounding and this will surely affect the whole team. Here’s the video! You can also watch it at YouTube.

Employee Recognition Gone Wrong, then Right

By GloboforceInc

The video is a must watch by company whose having problem towards their employees. Usually, businesses focus on output of job and they do not care about how the team feels. It is very important to gain their loyalty. This will avoid future problem such as resignation due to money offer or other reasons. Tell me your thoughts about the video!