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Starting a Sales Promotion

Hello friends,

While I am surfing through the internet, something pops out in my mind, a question about how to start a sales promotion. It is always not easy to start anything, especially if you have to begin from the scratch. I search in YouTube to watch a video about starting a sales promotion to have an idea and the video below is what I’ve found. This is uploaded by eHow Channel…you can click here if you want to watch more of their videos. This is the first video I’ve watched and I feel like sharing so here it is for you to watch.

Marketing Strategies : Starting a Sales Promotion

The person in the video is speaking quickly and I think that you might not grasp all of his words so I jot down some of the important things for you to remember before doing your sales promotion.

Here’s the list.

1. Develop a plan

2. Do a research

3. Answer questions such as

a. who are you trying to pull in with this promotion?

b. who do you want to buy your products?

c. who do you want to get out and market it for you?

4. Determine advertising module to use.

a. online advertisement

b. offline advertisement

c. both

5. Determine your budget.

6. See if you can get in touch with your prospects personally by visiting and speaking to their community, companies or school.

Having done this I believe you are good to go!

For the first timers, let me hear your thoughts. For the experts, let us hear your words of advice!




Run Contest Campaign Successfully!

Hello to all the visitors!

Thanks for visiting our page! As a sign of gratitude, I have a video here for you to watch. This is not mine, I just saw it in YouTube but I think that it is worthy of your time. We all know that contest is a good marketing campaign for any kind of businesses. However, most of us are struggling with contest ideas. This video not only gives you an idea on what contest to run but how you can effectively run it using Facebook Page. Any contest would be useless if not properly run. You can do it by yourself or you can get an assistant to do it for you. The only thing that matters is you have an idea, you execute it well and you get your desired results.

Here’s a quick video for you.

Facebook Contest Ideas | Ideas for Facebook Contests

This video might be old, in fact a year older but it does still makes sense. Admit or not social media is a great tool for marketing and Facebook is a leading platform. As stated in the video, many entrepreneurs use this because of its number of users. The speaker has shown different examples where you can get ideas from.  I write down the 10 steps to a FB contest for your reference.

10 Steps to a FB Contest

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Narrowing down the particulars
  3. Study Facebook compliance issues
  4. Plan your custom tab and overall graphic design
  5. Create a video for introduction and to state the details of the competition
  6. Write down your ads
  7. Determine Promotional Methods
  8. Optional: Promoting via Facebook Ads
  9. Choose a person who will create, maintain and manage the contest
  10. Determine your budget

It all goes down to careful planning and great execution to make an FB contest campaign successful!

Have you run a successful competition before? Share us your experience!

Best of Luck!


Increase Your Returned Calls and Get Ahead of your Competitors!

employee review 3Hello Readers,

I find something interesting to share for all of you today. You know in the sales industry, getting ahead with our sales competition is one of our primary goals and this is a tough one. This article from Radius really caught my attention, you know why? Because it says that you can get 50% returned calls from voicemails! Returned calls rarely happen right? If this is possible then you can get ahead of your competitors easily! Sounds good? Here’s the entire article written by Tibor Shanto entitledGet More Call Backs: How To Increase Returned Voicemails By 50%”. Enjoy it!

Get More Call Backs: How To Increase Returned Voicemails By 50%

By Tibor Shanto

My friends in the telecom industry tell me that voicemail isn’t going away any time soon. They will continue to offer it to all customers, often promoting it as a productivity tool, with one key value being your ability as a user to avoid and dodge sales people.

As a result, sellers have two choices:

1. Avoid leaving messages and develop calluses on your fingers from dialing a prospect over and over.
2. Learn an effective way to leave messages that get returned.

Number one is an obvious no-go. But, you are going to need a roadmap to succeed with number number two. Read on…

Take a step back to answer a fundamental question – what is the purpose of the exercise?  Most sales people get this wrong, and by virtue it is downhill from there. The aftermath is an onslaught of falsehoods spread that voicemail does not work.  The only goal for leaving a voicemail is to get a call back – period.  It is not to set the appointment, to convey information, or to sell; all you want is a call back.  When that call comes, that’s when you advance things to appointment, sales call, etc.

Most sellers leaving a voicemail reach way beyond just getting a call back. They tend to leave way to much information on their voicemails, and then crash and burn in the process.  Listen to most outbound messages and they’ll say something to this effect – “Please leave a detailed message”.  Why do they want all that detail, so they can know and rationalize why they should not call you back!

Think about it, the two most commonly used rejections while prospecting are “I’m all set” (Status Quo), or “Not interested”.  If you give them the details, that’s the reaction they’ll have, and you’re not there to deal with it, and, bam, no callback.  So don’t play into that – play smarter.

Here is a simple process for getting calls back:   Be counter intuitive and in the case of voicemail, less is truly more effective.

If they don’t have the detail they are looking for and their curiosity has been piqued, you create an environment to generate a return call.  Your goal is to create a bit of mystery, one they can solve with a phone call, so don’t hesitate to be cryptic.   You’ll need to be ready with names of companies you have worked with who are similar or in the same industry as your target.  No cheating – making things up is not allowed.

Let’s say you are calling a trucking company LMNOP to sell your product and you have done good business with ACME Transport.

Once you hear the beep:

1. Hi George, my name is Tibor Shanto, from Mountain View Company.

2. You can reach me at 416 822-7781.

There are a couple key factors to consider in this step.  Don’t say “Please call me back at your earliest convenience”.  Nothing, really nothing, smells more like a sales person on the phone than that statement.  Be firm, authoritative, like you demand a call back. Say, “you can reach me at…” or “I can be reached at…”.

Say your number slowly. It’s not a race – give them a chance to write it down. Don’t be one of these guys making them rewind two or three times.  The easiest way is to visualise yourself writing the number as you leave it.

Next steps are:

3. Leave their competitor as a reference. ”Please reference ACME Transport when you call back” or “It’s with reference to LMNOP Transport.”

4. Then hang up.  Again it is important that the reference you leave is in fact someone you have done business with.

Simple as that, and that is why it works – the simplicity.  How well does it work?  I have 50% of my voice mails returned within 72 hours – try me.  There are a number of other things to consider like additional techniques and coverage models to consider. Click here to watch a complete video.  Feel free to call me when you try and it works. Or if it does not work, call and I can help.

The steps are so simple, like what they have said “less is more”.  The author is right, you shouldn’t relay all the information in a voicemail, give them reason to call you back.  Do you believe that his steps are effective? What have you learned? Write it down in the comment box.



Boost Your Sales Through Building Relationships With Prospects

employee review 7Hi friends!

I’m so excited to tell you what I’ve found this day! I just read a blog written by Keith Ferrazzi from his own blog site that tackles about boosting sales. Whether you agree or not, our sales are our lives! He has written the importance of building a relationship with customers. I know that many people knew this already and I knew it too but in this blog I realize that even if we know that building relationship is a part of our sales roles, we seldom do it because we are hurrying to get the sale so we often lose it. Here is his complete blog post.

Align Sales and Marketing to Boost Sales and Never Start with Cold Calls Again

By Keith Ferrazzi

Salespeople know relationships are important. More important than what often has to suffice as competitive advantage today. Proof that the cost of ownership of your widget is 1% lower than that of a competitor is not enough to wedge you into a sale when a competitor has a good relationship with that customer.  But too few salespeople act like relationships are critical to Sales success.

Do relationships just happen? This issue is a critical one because relationships trump everything when products are more or less equal.  And in complex products, a relationship earns you permission to spend the time necessary to articulate the nuances of your advantage.

Yet most salespeople aren’t as purposeful or strategic with their relationships as they are with other sales success factors. Salespeople do not give the “R” in CRM the same care, resources and deep thought they give to tasks such as responding to RFPs or getting out proposals.

Likewise, Marketing tends to focus on using their ROI study on lower cost of ownership to fill a pipeline with leads. Cold leads. They might give lip service to relationship selling. But even thinking about the state of relationships with prospects is foreign, and the addition of sophisticated analytics, while potentially valuable, pushes Marketing’s attention even farther away from the individual people that make up the numbers.

Tracking the quality of relationships with prospects and even customers doesn’t seem like Marketing’s job. And no one has trained Marketing in how to advance relationship quality.

Heads of Sales and Marketing say they understand the importance of Sales and Marketing alignment. At least when the CEO sends them a white paper about how important Sales and Marketing alignment is.  But few think of relationship management as the centerpiece of that alignment and presume their CRM system achieves alignment for them.

It Takes Sales and Marketing Together to Put Real “R” in CRM

Capable software gives you a foundation to support the alignment of Sales and Marketing on what really matters: achieving better relationships with your customers. But it’s going to take more to attain that competitive edge: it’s going to take attention, focus and some proven processes.

Sales and marketing teams may make clean handoffs between phases in a transactional pipeline without ever really coming together as a team. They’ll burn through cold leads more efficiently and get to “no” quicker. But they won’t align around building better relationships with customers for lasting sales success.

Why Focus on Relationships?

What would you rather have?

  • A 1% cheaper widget promoted by a great brochure on which Marketing got a fantastic 2% open rate?
  • A friend in the buyer’s procurement group that Marketing helped you create a relationship with? A friend who is committed to your mutual success!

Right, a friend who returns your calls. A person who will grant you the time to fully explain your value proposition. Who knows you’re fully committed to his personal and professional success. That kind of relationship quality correlates strongly to actually making the sale.

Proof Abounds: Relationships Abide

This research is based on our own expertise and experience, as well as interviews we’ve conducted with dozens of scientists, researchers, and Sales and Marketing management practitioners at companies selling products (sometimes complex ones) in competitive markets.

But the hard facts come in from the field with corporate sales teams tracking relationship quality scores and doing the right things to drive them higher.

Neil Blakesley, Vice President of Marketing of Global Services for BT, drove a Sales and Marketing effort unified around relationships that has delivered $1.1 billion in new closed work and $3.7 billion in pipeline.

Our study of 16 global account teams showed that strategic, relationship-focused teams grew their accounts at least twice as fast as generic, transaction-focused account teams.  Other research confirms that the minority of organizations that have succeeded in nailing the “R” in CRM have reaped significant rewards, often at the expense of less “R”-accomplished competitors.

A Focus on Advancing Relationships from Marketing’s First Touch

Sales people know relationships matter, and marketing folks understand the impact of relationships on repeat business.  But it’s a big shift to align Marketing with Sales around relationships. Marketing must change their focus from putting as many cold but qualified leads into your funnel as possible to putting warm relationships in and advancing relationship quality.

Your marketing team has probably never focused on providing warm introductions from an existing network, doing homework that researches the person and not the company, and providing Sales with what founder and chief scientist of Valdis Krebs calls “social capital” to advance prospects’ personal and professional success.

In our next post, we’ll cover how it’s done.

Does this all make sense to you? Do you understand now what you have been missing in your marketing strategies? Are you ready to make friends to get more sales? Let me know what you think! Answer these questions by leaving a comment below and prove how friendly you are!

All the best,


Increase Sales With The Use of 5 Magic Emails

employee review 1Hi to all the readers,

I know that you had been looking for strategies to increase sales. Well, let me share a blog with you from Craig Klein of Sales Nexus. This post really gets me out of my feet and I know that you it will have the same effect on you too! The tool email marketing isn’t something new but how to effectively earn through this is something we all wanted to know! In this post he gives us 5 Magic Emails on How to Increase Sales Results. I copied and pasted everything here so you wouldn’t miss out any details, read for yourself!

How to Use 5 Magic Emails to Increase Sales Results

By Craig Klein

Developing trust-based relationships with your prospects is a highly effective way to increase sales. You may be skeptical about how an email strategy can deliver sales. These are the reasons you may doubt the effectiveness:
• Your own inbox is overflowing…so you can’t understand how more email could increase sales.
• You don’t know where to start creating content for emails.
• Your CRM is not seamlessly integrated with an email program that makes the process easy.

You are not alone in your skepticism. Your buyers are also leery about what you offer. Since buyers buy when THEY are ready…not when you are ready to sell…it is critical that you develop a system for overcoming their distrust.

Begin Your Email Content Here
Most email sent to prospects try to entice the buyers by screaming “buy my stuff – here are the reasons you should buy my stuff – and oh by the way – you should buy my stuff.” If your emails to prospective customers tout the features and benefits of your product or service, the reader will consider your email ‘junk’ and will block you from sending more. OUCH…that bites doesn’t it?
Instead, approach your email campaign more as an engineer than a sales machine. Learn where your prospects are in the sales process and meet them there. Design a follow-up program that guides them through the process while they begin to feel trust. You want to keep the sales process moving without doing any selling. Take part in a free webinar series starting with “The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales.”

The Magic 5 of Email Content
Start with these three sets of five emails. They should be easy to identify and create.
Register here and bookmark the page – we’ll post the video here after the webinar.
• 5 PAINS: What are the most common pains your service addresses? When you work with your ideal client, what problems do you solve? You want to look beyond the technical pain of what needs fixing to the business pain that causes them economic loss. The most effective way to develop trust is to dig deep into discovering the REAL pain…what causes them to lose sleep?

• 5 QUALIFYING QUESTIONS: How do you know when they’re ready to buy? Can you quantify what sort of clients brings you a higher average sale? Don’t spend much time on demographics. Instead, focus on identifying the decision maker and budget. You can easily determine your qualifying questions by tracking the data on your CRM.

• 5 FAQs: What questions are most commonly asked by those who are interested in what you offer? Do they ask about the set up process or delivery time? When they are ready to buy, do they want to know the difficulty of set up or installation? Do they inquire about your customer service option or refund policy?

It really is easy to start developing relationships with your prospective customers when you use a CRM solution to manage the sales process and gather data. When your email program is integrated into the CRM, it is even easier. Check out what is possible by attending a series of Live Business Growth Webinars at no cost to you.

What do you think about this post? Does this help you in any way or do you have other suggestions? Feel free to leave your comment and let us see how we can help one another to build trust-based relationship with our prospects and eventually increase our sales! That’s all we wanted right?



The wise man pu…

The wise man puts himself last and finds himself first.- Lao Tsu