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Recognizing The Value of Your Sales Agents

Hello Peeps!

How are you doing? I have here a blog that a sales manager should read. This blog is written by S. Anthony Iannarino (@iannarino) which talks about sales person recognition. Some of the sales manager often thinks that they are on higher level and the sales agents are just their subordinates. Treating your sales agent as an ordinary employee has an impact on his performance and this is not good for the company. These people have a quota to reach so it is important that they are highly motivated. They bring sales to the company so they must be treated fairly. The incentive scheme is quite effective in recognizing their hard work. So here’s how the author state his opinion.

Underestimating the Value of Being a Great Salesperson

By S. Anthony Iannarino

You have a great offering. Your competitor also has a great offering.

You have a tried and true sales process. Your competitor has a tried and true sales process, too.

You are using the latest and greatest sales methodology. Your competitor is also using the shiny new “new” thing.

Your sales force automation is a modern marvel. Everything you use is integrated into a beautiful, sleek interface with custom dashboards. Your competitor’s SFA is a dead ringer for yours. Only the company logo is different.

You are equipped with the best technology that money can buy. Well, how about that. Ditto your competitor; they’re equally well equipped.

The Difference: You.

We tend to overestimate the impact of some things on sales results and greatly underestimate what’s most important. In any sales organization where the above statements are true, they’re true for every salesperson on the sales team. That means the difference in results is something else, even in your sales organization.

The difference that makes a difference is you, the salesperson. It’s helpful to have a great offering, an effective sales process, good methodologies, and great technology. But it isn’t a substitute for the value created by a great salesperson sitting face-to-face with their dream client.

If you want to improve something that will immediately and irrevocably improve your sales results, you start with the greatest asset you will ever have for producing results: You. You becoming the best ever version of yourself will do more to improve your sales results than anything else.


What do you substitute for developing your sales skills?

What accounts for the difference in sales results between salespeople in the same organization? Different organizations?

If you could change one thing that would massively improve your results, what would you change?

How much does the salesperson account for in the decision to buy?

Let the employee feel that they are part of business and not just personnel who will do the command. It will degrade them and feel that they can’t do anything without your advice at all times. The initiative to respond in work at their very best will be eradicated once you put on their mind that they do not know anything without you. It is very time consuming also to dictate to them what to do every now and then, right?




Inside Sales Rep Motivation

Dear Sales Rep,

This blog from Radius (@radius) is for you. Just find it right now and I think that it is better to share. It tackles about the inside sales techniques on how to become successful in hitting the company’s goal. The number one key is to motivate the team, let them know the vision so they can have mind set of what they need to achieve. The work collaboration is a must to build strong team and to get the job done faster. As a leader, you must also show your participation and concern. You need to inspire your team about your hard work and how to reach your dream. You and your team should learn something new which is beneficial to all. Here you go!

3 Performance Drivers To Motivate The Modern Inside Sales Rep

Motivate Sales Teams Image

February 19, 2013 1:37 PM by 


I’m regularly asked by CEOs and other sales leaders “how do you motivate your sales team?” My answer usually stuns them. My mantra is “If I need to motivate you, then you shouldn’t be on my sales team to begin with.”


What? Yep. But a mentor of mine, Bob Perkins, founder of the AmericanAssociation of Inside Sales Professionals, said to me, “That’s great Kevin but that doesn’t relieve you from being the day-to-day cheerleader.” Touché! So what are the three keys to motivating your inside sales team?

Hire for Motivation

Start with somebody who is ALREADY motivated! But that’s easier said than done. If you think motivated salespeople are people who go above and beyond on a regular basis, or are people that come in early and stay late, then ask your candidates for examples of times when they demonstrated those traits. Use the “tell me about a time when….” technique to determine if the candidate is a fit. Here are a few examples:

  • Tell me about a time when you when above and beyond at your job (or college if you’re hiring inexperienced salespeople). Then……tell me about another time.
  • Tell me about a time when you came in earlier or stayed later to excel at your job. How often do you do this?

Mentorship towards Mastery

Do you teach your salespeople? When they move on to other roles or other companies, will they look back at their time working for you and think of you as somebody who helped them accelerate their career? It’s more than just inside sales, it’s about their overall career goals and aspirations. Are you challenging them to become the top 5% in their class? As a leader you will motivate your inside salespeople to want to work hard for you when you’re challenging them to be the BEST. At least two times a week, in the safety and comfort of my “jammies” in the morning, I read my favorite inside sales blogs or posts on twitter and then share it with my team….and then challenge them to PUT these new or different ideas into place. Here are three of my favorite blogs you should be reading and sharing with your team:

Paint a Picture

If your inside sales reps are going to work hard for you and listen to your guidance, then what happens next? Where do they go from here? You need to paint a picture of where they’re going in their career. Will they get a title change? Will that result in more money for them? More prestige? Can you tell them about inside sales reps that are no longer working for you that are now making two to three times more money and have WAY bigger titles than they have now as a result of working for you? Tie what they’re doing now to something in the future. Paint that picture for them! And this isn’t always about money. This could be:

  • Career advancement
  • Saving money for a honeymoon.
  • Buying a house.

It’s up to YOU as a manager to tie together what they are doing now with where they want to go.

While I think that sales contests and gamification have their place, notice that NOTHING I wrote above had anything to do with sales contests and gamification. Furthermore, for a great read, check out Daniel Pink’s book Drive. There’s more to motivating inside salespeople than a 500 word blog post but I guarantee if you do the three things I’ve noted above, you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

Embracing the inside sales techniques are worth the payment. It offers millions of possibilities to get a reliable client. You will never get left behind in having it. It will lessen your worries to find more clients that can do business with you. They give exposure to your company as you can get involve with millions of social media subscriber. So, what are you thinking now? Open up!



Employee Recognition

Hi everyone!

Do you find it hard to motivate your team? Maybe this video can help. This video which was uploaded by GloboforceInc shows how to motivate a team and recognizing their job effort timely. Promising of rewards without action can lead to disappointments. It simply indicates a happy or satisfied employee towards the working place. Recognition should be given in right time like when he or she already hit the goal. Sometime, giving rewards can go wrong when no job has been done. They will have negative attitude like taking advantage and will not do their very best because they already have what they wanted. It is right that giving recognition must have standards to avoid comparison and jealousy among employees. It can create frustration and gossip. One wrong move will surely question your management. The issue is very usual in most companies and you might notice that a certain employee is not eager to work because he sees inequality in the surrounding and this will surely affect the whole team. Here’s the video! You can also watch it at YouTube.

Employee Recognition Gone Wrong, then Right

By GloboforceInc

The video is a must watch by company whose having problem towards their employees. Usually, businesses focus on output of job and they do not care about how the team feels. It is very important to gain their loyalty. This will avoid future problem such as resignation due to money offer or other reasons. Tell me your thoughts about the video!



Employee’s Perks

Hello friends,

I am sharing with you a video from YouTube which was entitled “The Value of Offering Employee Benefits & Perks”. I’m sure that all of us can relate to this, whether you are an employee or the employer. Here in this video, they discussed about the popular employee perks and benefits. Many people think that it is only the employee who benefits from this but that is not true. It is a win-win situation for both of them. If the employee is happy and satisfied, he/she will be more productive and loyal to your company. Here’s the video! Watch it!

The Value of Offering Employee Benefits & Perks”


These people explain that a satisfied employee = employer’s peace of mind. Why? It is because when you know that they are satisfied, it means that they are not looking for more. Therefore, they will not look for another company which offers more benefits than yours.

Here are the most popular employee’s benefits as discussed in the video.

– Medical/Dental Insurance

– Vacation / Sick / Personal Leave

– Bonuses

– Annual Pay Increases

– Flexible Hours

– Housing Allowance / Living Arrangement

– Vehicle Use / Vehicle Allowance

– Education Reimbursement

– Cellphone / Allowance

– Computer, Ipod etc.

– Pre-tax Plan

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that there are a lot of unemployed people who are looking for a job so you will never ran out of manpower. However, if you have listened very well, you will find out that it is expensive to find new employee every time one leaves. The whole process of hiring a new one is expensive plus losing a very good employee is a liability to the company.

Here’s my question:

As an employee, are these perks enough for you to stay and work hard for the company?

As an employer, is it worth it?

You have the power to answer these questions and enlightened us!

All the best,


Starting a Sales Promotion

Hello friends,

While I am surfing through the internet, something pops out in my mind, a question about how to start a sales promotion. It is always not easy to start anything, especially if you have to begin from the scratch. I search in YouTube to watch a video about starting a sales promotion to have an idea and the video below is what I’ve found. This is uploaded by eHow Channel…you can click here if you want to watch more of their videos. This is the first video I’ve watched and I feel like sharing so here it is for you to watch.

Marketing Strategies : Starting a Sales Promotion

The person in the video is speaking quickly and I think that you might not grasp all of his words so I jot down some of the important things for you to remember before doing your sales promotion.

Here’s the list.

1. Develop a plan

2. Do a research

3. Answer questions such as

a. who are you trying to pull in with this promotion?

b. who do you want to buy your products?

c. who do you want to get out and market it for you?

4. Determine advertising module to use.

a. online advertisement

b. offline advertisement

c. both

5. Determine your budget.

6. See if you can get in touch with your prospects personally by visiting and speaking to their community, companies or school.

Having done this I believe you are good to go!

For the first timers, let me hear your thoughts. For the experts, let us hear your words of advice!



Why Incentives Program Fails

Hey Guys,

This day is very meaningful to me because I learned something that I am so eager to share with you. It is about giving incentives to your employees. As employers, it is our duty to keep our employees on their high spirit when working and one of the techniques that many of us are using is creating an incentive program, thinking that it will keep them motivated. I believe that this program is still effective but there are instances that it does not work out the way you expected. In this video, Steve Levitt,  the author of Freaknomics explains why incentives don’t work. Watch it!

Steven Levitt – Why Incentives Don’t Work

He had a great point don’t you think? Employees get excited at the first time they heard about your incentive program but as time goes by, they will get used to it and demand more and when you don’t come up with their expectation, they will not work with the same enthusiasm anymore.

Do you have the same experience? Does explaining to your employees the importance of what they are doing works with them? We have comment box below so you can share your thoughts!



Problems in not Seeing Business Opportunities

Hi Guys,

I’m back again and I’ve found something inspirational for you to read! Every one of us needs inspirations and we all need words of encouragement, whether you are an ordinary sales person or you are the sales vice president of the company. Many people don’t realize that the people in the higher positions are the most pressured individuals. They are thinking not only themselves but the whole company and the employees who are depending on them. If you can relate to this and you think that you are running out of business opportunities, read this post by Dan Waldschmidt and get inspired!


By Dan Waldschmidt
Lack of opportunity isn’t your problem. Vision is. And bravery.

We often try to make our business problems about what we don’t have. Not enough medication. Not enough money. Not enough time. Not the right location.

It comes naturally to rationalize failure as if life is especially unfair to us.

But that’s just not realistic.

And that natural reaction is limiting your ability to achieve surprising feats of greatness.

Opportunity isn’t served up randomly. It’s all around you. All the time.

You just don’t let yourself see it all the time. The pain from your past and the fear in your present limit your ability to see and take advantage of the opportunity for you to be amazing.

You decide if you find a breakthrough. You determine if you get lucky.

Not chance or chaos or coincidence.

Opportunity is always there. It doesn’t change. It doesn’t go away. It doesn’t play favorites. It’s just waiting to be taken advantage of. Waiting for you to realize that it is there.

The problem with your business might not be your sales plan or your marketing strategy or the need for a better culture. You might have a problem spotting opportunity.

And that’s not an education problem. Or a finance problem. Or even a personnel problem.

It is an inspiration problem. An attitude problem.

A belief problem.

Success is out there waiting for you to find it. The opportunity to be amazing has never been more within reach then it is right now.

Are you looking for it?  Or do you need an “opportunity adjustment”?

Fight for you. Believe in you.

Bleed. Cry. Conquer.

We all have some attitude problems sometimes but it can be cured with a little inspiration. With just a hug and a kiss from your love ones can make a difference. With an approving smile by your boss or a wink from a friend can give you confidence. Tell us what makes you inspired and your favorite words of encouragements!