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CRM Tool Is A Must For Every Business Today

Hi Folks,

Below is a blog that I want to share with you today. I found this blog by looking for success stories. I love success stories, especially the one that is related to our industry. Success stories give us inspiration to move forward and to do the best that we can. Well, in this post, you will realize how our technology sweeps off rapidly. Before, we are manually tracking our sales which can lead to many input and output error. Now, there is sales software that we can use and can help us with the sales process. I get this blog from Sugar CRM and posted it here for you to enjoy.

By Chris Bucholtz

Some may think that CRM is a tool used primarily by companies that lean toward high technology – and that means IT-oriented companies.  The reality is that all companies these days are leaning on high technology to become more efficient and to gain an edge in sales – and so, CRM is becoming a tool in the arsenals of companies in industries that might surprise technology chauvinists.

For an example, look no farther than KRAMSKI, a German stamping and insert/outsert molding manufacturer with a global client base that includes Delphi, Bosch and Lear and plants in Asia and North America. The company needed to introduce greater uniformity, transparency, and efficiency into its sales process. It was no longer enough to rely on on Excel spreadsheets to track leads, inquiries, and opportunities; these limited tools gave KRAMSKI executives little visibility into the sales pipeline.

Working with MyCRM Gmbh (SugarCRM’s November Partner of the Month)  MyCRM GmbH to improve sales monitoring and transparency and increase customer satisfaction, KRAMSKI’s new Sugar-based solution allows sales teams to now forecast a full nine months in advance rather than three — a 200 percent improvement. Sugar also accelerated decision making while reducing quote approval time by 20 percent for domestic customers and 25 percent for international customers.

MyCRM designed and implemented the solution and conducted user training. MyCRM also integrated Sugar with IBM Lotus Notes Groupware. In addition to improving sales monitoring processes and increasing the forecasting range, the MyCRM Sugar implementation:

  • Reduced quote approval time by 20 percent for domestic clients and 25 percent for international clients
  • Enabled KRAMSKI to optimize production resources
  • Improved opportunity management and quote generation
  • Standardized sale reporting across all company locations

For more information on KRAMSKI’s success with Sugar, visit the case study.

Every one of us has our own strategy; it is all up to us on what will work out best for us. I just presented some tools and ideas that I think would be helpful for anyone with the same industry. Do you think what you are using is the best sales software? Share it here! I’m sure that a lot of people would be glad to hear from you!

To our success!