Why Incentives Program Fails

Hey Guys,

This day is very meaningful to me because I learned something that I am so eager to share with you. It is about giving incentives to your employees. As employers, it is our duty to keep our employees on their high spirit when working and one of the techniques that many of us are using is creating an incentive program, thinking that it will keep them motivated. I believe that this program is still effective but there are instances that it does not work out the way you expected. In this video, Steve Levitt,  the author of Freaknomics explains why incentives don’t work. Watch it!

Steven Levitt – Why Incentives Don’t Work

He had a great point don’t you think? Employees get excited at the first time they heard about your incentive program but as time goes by, they will get used to it and demand more and when you don’t come up with their expectation, they will not work with the same enthusiasm anymore.

Do you have the same experience? Does explaining to your employees the importance of what they are doing works with them? We have comment box below so you can share your thoughts!




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